ROO IS SEEKING AN ACTIVE LIFE .... we have not met Roo but have been asked to help find him a fun and active home without young children. This is what Sarah has to say about him ...

I am sadly having to rehome my dog Roo. He is a 2 year old mixed breed and he is desexed, registered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and vet checked.

Roo is best suited to an experienced owner without children under the age of 10 or a home where children don’t visit regularly as they can stress him out (this why I am having to rehome him after trying many ways of overcoming this). An ideal home would be with an older couple with older children or no children (and no children planned). He is fine with cats and most other dogs, all though with dogs in his pack he can be a little overprotective.

Now for the fun part. Roo has the potential to be an agility champion, He oozes potential and will go far with the right handler. I have also begun training him in obedience and flyball which he is starting to pickup and thoroughly enjoys.

Roo is an extremely high energy dog that needs mental and physical stimulation daily.

Please send me a private message me or email me at if you are interested, it is not a case of first in first served as I will need to make sure he is going to an appropriate home for his and his new family’s needs.

Thank you Sarah Ridley