Kapuna Beach Cafe

22 The Promenade, Takapuna 

The first thing that catches a pet lovers eye when walking into Takapuna Beach Café is the three level doggy bowls – these clever contraptions are lined up a long a wall at different heights for different sized dogs – genius! The food is top notch and the pet friendliness is even better. With a sprawling deck ideal for chilling out with your pooch, this spot is a dog owners dream. All the staff will treat your dog like their own, giving them lots of attention and a big pat. It’s also a fab place in summer to stop for an ice cream while your dog has a drink. 

Our tip: Take the dog for a run along Takapuna Beach before popping into the café. In winter it’s off leash at all times, during summer its off leash before 10am so get in early – you’ll miss the crowds and start your day off the right way.

 La Cigale Farmers Market 

69 Saint Georges Bay Road, Parnell 

Anyone who’s been to the Farmers Market at La Cigale will know - this place is brimming with dogs. Open on Saturday and Sunday mornings till about 12.30, the markets are the perfect place to stock your fridge with fresh produce, get a pastry and a great coffee. Chuck a leash on your dog and they will make the perfect market companion! They’ll make new friends, see some familiar faces, and possibly convince you to pick up a treat for them at Auntie Briar’s stall. This is the main attraction for pet lovers. There’s a huge range of doggy treats, from healthy medicinal biscuits, to a naughty liver fudge flavour. Your pup will be begging you to come back every week after they get a taste of these treats.

Our tip: Get the dental treats if your pooch’s breath is smelling less than flash. Our dogs fave is the “Hare of the Dog” – yummy!

Little & Friday 

42 Eversleigh Road, Takapuna 

Little and Friday is the quintessential neighbourhood café, except its cakes are out of this world. The coffee is some of the best in the city, and their famous cream donuts are heavenly. This place is usually pretty full up, but if you can snatch a table outside you can have your dog right there with you in amongst the crowd. The outdoor seating is perfect for this, and your tail-wagging pal will love the atmosphere and making new friends.

Our tip: Go for a walk around the lake with your furry friend then take a break at Little & Friday – it’s best to bring a portable water bowl to this spot!

Amy's Secret Kitchen 

3a/49 Brown Street, Ponsonby 

Not so much a café, but a dog lover’s haven, Amy’s Secret Kitchen (which is an amazing cakery) is not one to go past for you and your furry friend. The reason being: Pupcakes. The pupcakes range from small cupcakes for a little pooch, all the way up to a big birthday cake for celebrating your buddy’s special day. These gorgeous cakes are perfect if you feel like giving your pup a little treat, and, they are healthy! The base is made out of carrots and peanut butter, with a wholemeal cream cheese icing. Your dog will not be disappointed with this beautiful treat.

Our tip: Pupcakes make an amazing gift for your fellow puppy loving friends, get a few for your pooches mates!


935 Mt Eden Road, Three Kings 

This huge café is not only filled to the brim with great coffee and scrumptious food, it also has an amazing space right on the footpath for your dogs to hang out. There are water bowls for your pups, and heaps of other dogs in all shapes and sizes for your pooch to play with. Get a table out the front and they will be super happy tied up out here while you sit close-by, enjoying your meal in the sunshine! 

Our tip: Get the Orvieto Bene - you won’t regret it.