$5,000 REWARD

Dog fighting is a horrific form of animal abuse. Like the gladiators of Roman days, dogs are enslaved to their masters and forced to fight to the death and rip each other apart for human entertainment.Your pet may never see the inside cage of a dog fight as it may not be the breed sought after and used for dog fighting, but consider the tens of thousands of family pets around the world that do. These family pets get stolen and used as bait dogs, given to fighting dogs to practice on. They are often starved and have their mouths taped shut to prevent them from harming the actual fight dog, allowing the fight dog to build confidence and hone their killing skills.







  • Down load and print out our mailbox ($5000 REWARD flyer) and distribute it  around your neighbourhood and  local dog parks
  • Print out our community shop poster and put these in local dairies and community area
  • If you suspect that dog fighting is happening in your neighborhood, please contact
  • Paw Justice 09 5500541
  • Since dogfighters typically keep their dogs chained, you can help deter dogfighters by pushing for anti chaining rules in local council.

Keep an eye out

Look for coloured marks, numbers and/or ribbons on your letterbox, fence, gate, pavement or driveway. These marks often look like spray-painted council markings. These markings will typically be accompanied by a coding system that signifies the number of dogs at the property eg: you may see two ribbons, a number “2” or two dots on a property that has two dogs. If you spot a marking:

Remove it immediately

Keep your dog(s) inside

Notify your neighbours

Keep Your Dog Safe

Ensure your property is well fenced and all gates are securely LOCKED. If you do not already have locks on your gates, install them now and make sure they’re locked EVERY TIME you leave the house.

Better still, if you are leaving the house keep your dog(s) locked inside until you return. No, it’s not ideal but if there are thieves operating in your area it is better to be safe than sorry. Dogs are often stolen during the day, when you are at work. 

Do not allow your dog(s) to sleep outside at night. Thieves are returning to steal dogs that are left outside after dark.