Buster is a happy 4 month young heeler x jack russell recently rescued by Humane Society.

Buster will be around knee high fully grown, is a lovely boy who loves people.
He is fine with other dogs but is a bit shy with them until he gets to know them.
He does chase cats so a cat-free home will be required.

He is good to walk and sticks pretty close to you. If a family situation, he will need older children as he does try to round you up occasionally.

He will need some human daytime companionship.


Sammy is a labrador x of approximately 4 months recently rescued by Humane Society. He has large feet so may end up quite a large dog.

Sammy just wants to please, he is very sweet, and extremely responsive to training. He will need gentle handling as he is easily intimidated and if in doubt will decide he's in trouble.

He loves meeting other dogs, and seems good with cats. He is not happy being left alone so will need daytime company.

He is very young, so needs someone who is prepared to put the time in to train him and is happy to make him a central part of their family. 

He spends a lot of time sleeping at the moment, but will be a bundle of energy when he gets a little older.



Oscar and Pippa are Sydney silkie x papillon, aged 10 years, recently relinquished to Humane Society by their owners who were unable to keep them.

They have been together all their lives so we WILL NOT separate them under any circumstances. Anyone interested in adopting them will need to take both.

They are lovely little dogs, Oscar (tan body) is 4.2 kgs and Pippa (tan) is 2.8 kgs.

They are very affectionate once they get to know you. They love sitting with you and having a cuddle. They also love going in the car and are very good walkers.

They get on well with other dogs and had a little bark at the resident cat in our foster home but didn't chase.

They would be ideally suited to an older person looking for two special little dogs who will make great companions. They aren't suited to a noisy/busy family situation or young children.



Princess is a 5 year old German Spitz recently rescued by Humane Society.

Princess is loving, affectionate and prefers human company to dogs, so will require human daytime companionship. 
She is very loyal, will always be close to her human and loves going out in the car. Her ideal situation would be as an only dog as she tends to ignore the other dogs in our foster home.

She doesn't seem bothered by cats and would be fine in a home with quiet children over 6 years of age.

She does need daily brushing which is easy as she will lie in any position to be groomed.