ON BEHALF: URGENT! A lady is relocating and has 100 Pekin ducks to rehome,
20 Geese, and some chooks. Location is Warkworth area - Tel: 09-425-9514. 
Now she just wants good homes for them, but they are NOT to be taken for meat purposes.
Some of the geese have paired up and are laying, so she doesn't want to split mated pairs.
Nearly all the ducks are layers too! If you can take some ducks, geese 
or chooks, then please
call her direct and make arrangements. She is a lovely lady, and most of her animals are
rescues too that she has taken in over the years.
Please help - this could be a great opportunity to get some lovely birds for your block.
Her husband is ill, and she needs to relocate asap.
Please do NOT phone LARA, but call her direct to make arrangements for pick up. Thank you. Please share.