This handsome man came into our care about a month ago after his owner called one of our team wanting help. 
We have been to this property on numerous occasions and have managed to get 2 of the other littermates surrendered (Tia and Frankie) and have spayed both bitches on the property.
This guy needed our help because his owners went away for the weekend, leaving the dogs to be care for by the neighbour. The message our team got was " He's bleeding from his mouth and vomiting.. should I be worried?"..... It turns out he had been hit by a car 24 hours earlier and nothing was done... 3 weeks later, a very large vet bill and his owner decided they couldn't afford to cover it so they have surrendered him.He is the sweetest boy that wants nothing more than to be loved. He is fantastic with kids of any age as well as all dogs and confident cats. he will need to go to a home where there is someone home at least part time purely because of his age.If you are interested in Blake or one of our other dogs, please call Victoria on 02102596931 or email us at