Blue Heeler

Margery (Marg)

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Blue Heeler


I am looking for a new family/home for Margery. She is a very small cute wee Blue Heeler. 

We have been taking care of her for a while as the original owner lost her home due to a housefire. our family have got hooked on her, unfortunately I absolutely cant have three dogs on my property.... 
So here it is I have to say something about Marg ...... mmmmmmmmm Marg, you just gotta love her to bits, she's a wee bit CrAzY but very loving, she is socialised around my other two dogs and they all get on well...Marg needs boundaries and someone who has the time for her. She also requires lots of time and attention, is a great wee dog, with the right training she is very clever dog, she listens and obeys. 

If anyone would like to come see her, feel free to message me.

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  • Member since Jan 2009
  • Located in Waihi, Waikato

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