Welcome to North Shore Pets Facebook Group

We are a group for the free advertisement of Pets & Animals For Sale, Adoption, Lost, Found, Wanted, 
in and around the North Shore, Auckland Area. Dogs, Cats, Birds, 
Rats, Horses, Sheep, Cattle, etc are all welcome on the page.

Here will find a list of all vets including emergency in West Auckland.
This link is also in the group description.

We do have some rules:
- NEW ZEALAND Residents Only
- If you are selling something please use the Sell Something Button
- If you are caught spamming/fraud etc you will be automatically removed and 
  banned without warning. 
- Please remember to list the basic details to give people a better idea of what  
  to expect before they go ahead and message a stranger!
- Try and leave bumping to once in a 24hr period. (delete bump comment)
- No nastiness, bullying, bribery etc will be accepted.
- Please keep language clean. This is a fun and family friendly group
NO graphic images of cruelty or mistreated animals 
NO petition posts. We are a pet page not an animal cruelty awareness page. 
DO NOT BLOCK ANY ADMINS. you will be removed from the group and banned. we check for this daily.

Enjoy the group and have fun!

Your Westy Pets Admins are
Sue Field
Kreesha Munro
Robyn Sabin

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